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Summer Courses

The University of Oviedo summer courses boast a team of motivated, highly experienced, specialized teachers. The courses include 20 hours of classes per week complemented by a wide-ranging programme of cultural activities and excursions to places of historical interest in Asturias, León and Cantabria. Classes are given in the Campus of "El Milán" of the University of Oviedo.

Compulsory Subjects:

  • Spanish Language. Communicative grammar.
  • Vocabulary and creative writing workshop.

Both subjects add a total of 75 hours for the May-June course and 60 for the July and August courses.

Levels: Elementary (except in May-June course), Intermediate and Advanced.

Optional Subjects

  • Conversation on topics related to Spanish culture. (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels). 25 hours for the May-June course and 20 for the July and August courses.
  • Spanish for Business (Advanced Level). 25 hours for the May-June course and 20 for the July and August courses.
  • Spanish and Latin American Literature (Intermediate and Advanced Levels). 10 hours only in July and August.
  • Spanish History and Art (Intermediate and Advanced Levels). 10 hours only in July and August.

Extra-curricular Activities

Two weekend trips to geographically and culturally outstanding sites within the Principality of Asturias. 10 hours.

Due to the current situation with the pandemic and the restrictions imposed for security reasons, these two excursions might be replaced by two cultural activities each week.

Spanish Heritage Course

This course has been specially addessed to the so-called heritage speakers, those who grew up in a non-Spanish speaking country but in an environment where Spanish culture had a strong influence. These students are likely to have listened to, and probably spoken, Spanish at home but feel more confident with the language of the country where they have been raised. Nevertheless, they feel strongly motivated to brush up their heritage language and seek a return to their roots.

In many cases, these students speak the language fluently (usually in conversational and colloquial registers). But most of them did not receive education in Spanish, and so they are not familiar with formal registers as they learnt the language almost only and exclusively in informal and family contexts and situations. Therefore, the main theoretical contents and practical activities gathered in this programme are aimed at developing these linguistic abilities.

Teaching Materials

The teachers base their classes fundamentally on two types of materials adapted to each language level which are given to students on the first day of class. Other verbal and graphic materials are also used, such as articles from the press, DVDs, songs, slides and oral texts.


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