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Specific Courses

Via La Casa de las Lenguas, the University of Oviedo designs, organises and imparts courses for groups with specific requirements.

Specific Spanish Course for Health Science Professionals

This course is directed at professionals working on the field of Health Sciences: doctors, nurses, students and interpreters who develop their work in a bilingual Spanish-English environment.

This course provides a specific training to improve their linguistic competence in Spanish, from the specialised medical terminology to the Hispanic dialectal varieties used by the patients in the clinic, or the resources that the professional may have available to answer their questions.

The contents of this course are based on research conducted in the clinical environment of the United States. Based on some proven deficiencies, a specific and intensive training is offered, with the goal of developing the communicative skills of the staff.

Students who wish to participate in this course must be vaccinated with the full schedule (three doses). If necessary, those students who have received two doses will be able to receive the third dose here in Oviedo.

Before the beginning of the clinical practices and during their development, the health protocol established at that time will be applied to the students, which could include performing PCR or antigen tests to detect possible cases of COVID-19.


Intensive Academic Spanish Course

This course is directed at improving the capacity of the students to produce academic texts.

It is aimed at university students or lecturers who have Spanish as a foreign or second language and who want to develop their skills to write articles, reports, communications for congresses, PhD Theses, etc. with the proper level of academic adequacy, clarity in the exposition and adequation to textual conventions.

The course is, fundamentally, oriented to practice. It seeks that the student, after receiving the necessary theoretical bases, faces the challenge of producing their own texts, checking their level of adequacy and improving their capacity to express themselves in a written and oral way.




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